Security and Bouncer

Redphire Security Services believes that authentic security challenges require genuine security solutions by skillful professionals. We provide security consultations and highly trained professional security guards for event & film industries as well as public, corporate and private events ranging from concerts to corporate and private events and jewelry to close protection. We co-ordinate and work closely with event organisers and government agencies to implement all aspects of security relating to the above mentioned service. Our proven track record allows us to take care of event planning and organization, to crowd control and safety management.

Redphire Security Services is persistently emerging long-standing relationships with clients from all walks of the events industry based on mutual respect and our aim to produce the best possible event security service.

We take great pride in our security guards as they have been screened, interviewed and carefully selected by our security management.

As your local security experts, we can offer a wide range of services as well as a variety of quality products which will transform the way you secure your property.

Event Security /Bouncer

We are leading security services with passion and dedication. With this dedication, we are indulged into offering special security arrangements for particular events by security personnel. We use computerized systems for coordination and control to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

We offer event security services for every occasion. Whatever your occasion may be, we can take care of it. Our trained event security always alert. Redphire Security can supply security guards in Mumbai with the necessary training and experience to protect your event in any eventuality. We provide security personnel to customers for the entire of Mumbai.

As your local security experts, we can offer a wide range of services as well as a variety of quality products which will transform the way you secure your property.

Nightclub Security /Bouncer

Doormen and bouncers in entertainment clubs, nightclubs and lounge bars are a necessity in modern times and in a litigious society, it can be beneficial to protect your interests.

Our Professional Team of Nightclub Security will ensure the safety of both the club and customers keeping underage, intoxicated, and aggressive and otherwise disqualified individuals from entering the establishment.

Redphire Security Services will provide the establishment with a Security Supervisor who will oversee the security for the club.

Door supervisors

Redphire Security, we understand that door supervisors very often provide the first point of contact between an organization and its visitors.

With this in mind, we have developed our door security services to carefully control access to a building or event whilst outwardly conveying a calm and professional image. All of our door supervisors are trained to be effective communicators.

This helps then to effectively control access points, check visitor credentials, guide people in and out of buildings and keep fire exits and walkways clear without causing offence. When any incidents do arise, they are resolved quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

Close Protection

Redphire Security Services are known and respected for having sophisticated, high class and elite protective services. Our team of both male and female close protection officers is Discreet and Professional with a substantial amount of Mumbai experience.

All of the Agents have previous experience in protecting Foreign Dignitaries, Celebrities and Business Individuals. Our close protection officers are well trained in Threat and Risk Assessments accompanied by Close Protection Protocol and Etiquette. Each close protection officer can manage verbal and physical conflict without damaging their clients name.

Redphire Security Services are able to provide a fully trained and qualified team.

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