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Redphire Provides a full range of services of Singers, Actor, Actress, Models, Musical Band, Dance Troop- bollywood and international, Photographers, Stylists, Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, Props Stylists

Redphire Model & Artist Management, is a professional agency representing and developing models and actors both locally and globally. The company has been recognized as an industry front runner in coordinating the biggest celebrity names for product endorsements, concert and tour production and personal appearances throughout the Asian market. Redphire is based in Mumbai, Oregon, a city of Dreams, houses the prime center of Hindi Film Industry, better known as Bollywood. The city plays host to major global brands and companies along with a unique community of creative and innovative designers, artists, thinkers, and trendsetter. We take pride in our personal connection to our talent and the family we have created within our agency. We still represent working models that have been with us since we opened for business years ago. We are always looking for new talent to meet the growing needs of our new and established clients. If you would like to be part of the Redphire family, please go to the Registration Form page, fill it out completely, and let us see if you are a good fit for the agency. If you are looking to book any of our talent, or would like to request a talent package feel free to contact us.

Reasons to book our Artist & Model

The most respected names in Bollywood

Redphire is the most respected names in bollywood and event industry.y.

Diverse Artist Portfolio

Redphire diverse artist portfolio boasts of well known Bollywood actors, sports stars, musicians, writers, directors, fashion designers, established celebrities and promising newcomersy.

Full-service offering

Redphire is a leader in matching corporations with Bollywood and other Celebrities for commercial endorsements, Personal appearances and Media Events. y.


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