We specialize in providing customized and measurable solutions to address specific brand marketing objectives.

In-Store and Mall Activation | Corporate Activation | Society Activation | Retail VM | Road-Shows | Promotions & Sampling Exhibition Stands & Kiosks | Host & Hostesses | BTL & Trade Marketing

Mall Activation

  • - Promotion, planning and effective implementation
    - Activation kit conception and design
    - Production and manufacturing
    - High-end printing technology
    - Warehousing and logistics with complete project execution
    - Hostess and promoter service
    - Hostess and promoter service

If you want to activate your brand through mall activation,then our brand activation solutions are the perfect pick for you.Being a leading brand activation agency , we offer appealing brand activation ideas and solutions .The portable activation kits are easy to use and can be easily transport from one place to another in the flat pack riveted cases

We conduct mall activation by establishing kiosks or small stalls on major malls in our target market area.Approval, allocation of space and other legalities with all technical formalities such as mall officials, as a part of our customer service is done by us without any hurdle, without our customer and without any interruption.

Corporate Activation

  • kiosks | pop-up displays | promoter tables | Customised setup Hostess and promoters

A corporate message is only powerful when it triggers engagement and increases commitment to change.

Are you trying to build effective corporate activation, which will serve as a medium for the consumers own target group to achieve its brand or product? If so, this is the right place.

We specialize in providing customized and measurable solutions to address specific brand marketing objectives. We do our best to offer best-in-class corporate activation solutions for your brand promotion. A dedicated team and project managers ensures you to get the full range of end-to-end services and solutions for corporate activation.

Society Activation

  • kiosks | pop-up displays | promoter tables Customised setup Hostess and promoters

Society Activation that helps promoting a brand and its offerings directly to the prospective customers.

All technical formalities such as approval, space allocation and other legal considerations with the Societys officers have been done in the most intuitive manner without any interruption to clients as a part of our customer service. We help you to bring your brand to the city in various housing and other residential societies, which are organizing sophisticated exploration and filtration on other related details that meet the needs of our residents demographics and other brands. We suggest establishing a booth or stall in the shortlisted societies during the weekends and festivals so that huge changes can be ensured. And for entertainment quotient, we add promotional activities to competitions, children and adults with interesting activities related to the game and the essential bridge factor and activities related to the brand and its offerings. We also provide services to design and prepare stalls and booths as per the requirement and requirement of the client.

Road Show

  • A Roadshow with vision and Style Customized Van / Truck Design Setup | licencing | Emcee | Promoters

We do roadshow trucks and we do them exceptionally well. We have a large fleet of event trailers built to the highest specifications and we have a team of experts that make sure they always run in first class condition. They are our core business, our flagships and the pride of our organisation.

If you need any further advice on doing the road show for you, give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to help

Engage Consumers with One of Mumbai Top Brand Activation Companies

Want to make your brand BIG without spending big? Trying to penetrate deep into the market? Looking for enhanced visibility for your brand?

As a business, marketing is more complicated than just throwing any advertisement into the public sphere. Corporate competition is fierce in the digital age, and consumers are quick to lose interest among all the noise. At Room-Five, we offer our creative expertise to help companies plan and deliver strategic brand campaigns that create a real, positive connection with potential customers. Whether this be through an interactive display, experiential marketing, social media strategies, an exhibition at the mall or anything in between, Room-Five is a boutique agency Dubai companies rely on to make an impact with activation and get ahead of the competition.

Work with a Team That Understands Your Needs

One of the key elements of our services as one of the leading brand activation agencies for companies throughout Mumbai is our combination of marketing knowledge and artistic flair. First, we identify what your business stands for and what needs to be achieved as a result of your campaign; from there, we start developing concepts, plan an approach and move on to create eye-catching designs which draw genuine consumer interest to your brand.

Why Choose Us Over Other Agencies?

Unlike other brand activation agencies in Mumbai, we put the time and energy into your project to achieve a truly compelling result regardless of size or spend. Our team comes to work each and every day with a will to succeed in a diverse, open and collaborative environment, applying creative skills with passion on any project.

Redphire is a prominent market leader for providing complete solutions and services for BTL activities in India. Our dedicated team of designers convert your ideas and concepts into reality and bring you the best-in class solutions for BTL promotions and offers innovative BTL activities ideas. Our complete range of solutions makes sure to give you a stress-free experience at every BTL promotions.

Redphire is an agency that specialises in helping brands do exciting things in the real world, to create authentic communications across the marketing spectrum. We manage campaigns from strategy to evaluation with offices in Mumbai.

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